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Support our petition to scrap VAT on holiday COVID tests and save families 100s of pounds!

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What Is The Cost Of Covid On Travel?

When you go on holiday to countries on the Government’s Green List, you’ll need to buy several COVID tests. A test before you go, a test before you leave the holiday country and one after you return to the UK.

For a family of four, that’s 12 tests!*

For travel to most Amber List countries, you’ll need a test before you go, another test before you return to the UK and two more tests after you get home.

For a family of four, that’s 16 tests!*

*Testing requirements vary between countries. A negative test before arrival in the UK is required by the Government for children over 11.

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Why Test with Project Screen?

How the UK public feels about VAT on holiday COVID tests*


Brits who want the Government to remove VAT from holiday COVID tests


Brits who were not aware that 20% VAT tax is charged on COVID tests


Brits who are less likely to travel abroad because of the added cost of VAT on COVID tests

* Survey of 2,000 UK adults by Survation

Why Test with Project Screen?

Make Travel Cheaper

Our petition, spearheaded by Avi Lasarow, Health Entrepreneur, is here to help make your holidays more affordable.

The Government adds VAT at 20% to the price of COVID tests. We are calling on the Government to scrap the VAT on COVID tests now, saving families 100s of pounds on the cost of a holiday!

The Government scrapped VAT on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) after a public outcry at the start of the COVID pandemic.

Now the Government should do the same for COVID tests.

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If the Government made holidays abroad cheaper by removing VAT from COVID tests:


Brits would be more likely to book a holiday abroad


Brits would be more likely to book several holidays abroad


Brits would book a longer holiday abroad

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Talk Radio TV: Why We Need To Travel Freely

News and Awareness Generated by our Campaign

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Government Backing Behind a Holiday on VAT

Watch Henry Smith MP, Chair of the Future of Aviation Group, make the passionate case for removing VAT on holiday COVID tests.

“We shouldn’t be adding this extra COVID Tax to the cost of family holidays. The Government made testing compulsory and if we want it to work properly and safely, it needs to be more affordable, not more expensive.”

Former Brexit Secretary
the Rt Hon David Davis MP

“We have to bring the cost of tests down, progress has been made but if the Government gets rid of VAT on them then that will bring them below £50 which is where we need to be.

I know that government is encouraging staycations to help boost the domestic economy but we need to get people going abroad on holiday as well to boost the economy.”

Sir Roger Gale MP

“This is about global Britain. This is about international trade. This is about people’s jobs. I urge the Government to allow aviation to safely reopen, which it can do with vaccination and testing. I also urge them to reduce the cost of testing and to remove the VAT on testing to allow greater freedom of movement.”

Henry Smith MP
Chair of the Future of Aviation Group

Press Releases

More than 16 million Brits still considering going on holiday in boost for travel industry June 09, 2021 Read More

For media requests please email david@larkinpr.co.uk or call 07974 089006.

“If the Government axes VAT on holiday COVID tests, Project Screen by Prenetics promises to pass on every penny saved to the public to make it safer and cheaper for them to go abroad. And we challenge everyone in the testing industry to do the same.”

Avi Lasarow, EMEA CEO of Project Screen by Prenetics

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